Katie’s Crafts : Mr. Bluebird Sewing Project

Katie Borland Alright, alright, alright.  I have a couple of really fantastic projects for you readers of TMI.  I will admit, I’ve been trying to work on a mobile for a week or so now, and it’s tripping me up, but as soon as I figure out the absolute best way to execute it, I will have pictures, instructions, videos, blue prints, etc. up here so you all don’t have to learn from my many mistakes.  So that’s in the oven.  But for this week, I have a really cool twist on a cork board that’s functional and cheap, and also an interesting sewing project turned gift idea for all of you out there who consider sewing rocket science.  Because it’s not.  It’s actually very simple and friendly.  Like an affectionate baby.

To get on with it, here are your supplies for the Coffee Sac Cork Board:

-Cork board (obviously. You can find one very cheap at Michael’s)
-Burlap Coffee Bag (you can find these FO FREE at your local coffee roaster’s shop.  I know that Crimson Café roasts its own coffee and has burlap sacks to spare.  I got mine from
Primavera in Birmingham)
-Staple Gun
-Pushpins (to hang things up with when you’re done)

1. Cut your burlap sac in half (along the seams) so that it is not too thick when you staple it to the corkboard.

2. Lay the piece of the burlap sac with the writing on it face down on the ground, and put the cork board on top of it (also face down)

3. Use the staple gun to staple burlap sac to the back of the corkboard.  (*note* be sure not to pull the sac too tight because it will warp the writing on the sac.  But you don’t want it to be loose either)

Coffe#44. Hang it up and put cool stuff on it


Now, for the sewing project, I wanted to sew a very simple bird.  It ends up looking really cute, and you can wrap it up and give it to your friends (because it seems like all of my friends have their birthdays in the next 3 weeks).


-2 different patterns of fabrics (you can find fabric samples at Michael’s or just cut up some old clothes that you don’t wear anymore)
-needle and thread (come on, I know all of your mothers bought you that tiny sewing kit from Target)
-stuffing (You don’t have to go pro with this. I just used cotton balls)

1. I found this (<<click it) free sewing pattern of a bird on Spool .  It’s a PDF file, so to access it after you’ve gotten to the website, just click on the link called Bird Pattern located in the sidebar on the left under “Free Sewing Patterns.” Print this out.

2. Cut out the pattern of the bird from your different fabrics using the pattern you printed off of Spool.


3. Pin the pieces of the fabric together where the dots are located on the stencil.  (*note* make sure that your fabric is wrong-side-out if it is not two-sided! You will be turning this bird inside out after you sew him together, so you want the pretty side to be facing in while you sew.  ALSO: this is a three-dimensional stuffed animal, so the two pieces will not lay on top of each other perfectly, there will be a bit of slack fabric in the bird’s body.  Just pin the edges together where it is specified and you’ll be golden)


4. Start sewing the bird together.  It doesn’t really matter what color thread you use because it will barely be visible when you finish.  BE SURE TO LEAVE THE TAIL OPEN WHEN YOU ARE SEWING! You need a place to put the stuffing.


5. After you’ve finished sewing, turn the bird right-side-out (you might need a pencil to help you out with this step) and then stuff the bird with cotton balls or whatever you choose (*note* if you use cotton balls instead of store-bought stuffing, be sure to pull the balls apart so it is somewhat fluffy instead of clumped together.  You don’t want a lumpy, tumorous looking bird)


6. After your bird looks satisfyingly rotund, sew the tail pieces together.


7. As a final step, you could embellish your bird however you choose.  I put some spare buttons on mine, but you can get creative with it, or just leave him as he is.



8. I put mine in an old cardboard box, decorated it up a bit with some patterned paper and twine and gave it away as a gift.



by Katie Borland


~ by themissingink on October 26, 2009.

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